Sign up/enroll children

When a child is four years old it can go to primary school. On this page you can read everything about registering your child at our school.

Information mornings

Would you like to register your child with us?  Then first please visit an information morning. Preferably visit the information morning before your child is three years old. You can find the dates of the information mornings in the agenda. There you will also find the corona measures that we use during the information morning.

How do I register my child?

To register your child with us, use this form: Registration form kindergarten 1 (for children younger than 4 years). Even if an older brother or sister is already at our school, it is necessary that you submit a registration form to us.


Please complete and hand in signed:

* preferably by e-mail: scanned to :

* hand in in person to the student administration at school on Tuesday (09: 00-11: 00)

* by post to:


Waldorf at the Werf

Attn. Administration

Werengouw 85

1024 NN Amsterdam


You will receive a proof of registration by e-mail, stating with which information your child has been registered. Do you check whether all data has been processed correctly?

When do I have to register my child?

You can register your child (ren) from 2 years to 3 years and a few months. The closing dates for submitting the form:

Date of birth:

 1st May to 31st of august 2017

 1 Sept to 31st December 2017 

 1 January to 30st April 2018     

 1 May to 31st Augustus 2018                 

Return no later than: 

2nd October 2020

12nd February 2021 

21st Mayi 2021      

15th October 2021   

Drawn (if necessary): 

8th October 2020

18th February 2021

27th May 2021

28th October 2021


The allocation of places is carried out automatically. The directors of the schools are present at this. Every child has an equal chance of being given a place, with the exception of two priority criteria:


1. Brothers and sisters of pupils, if they live together as a family.

2. Children of an employee of the Geert Groote Scholen or Waldorf aan de Werf.


When there are more registrations than places, draws are made. Your child will then take part in the order of the schools you specified.


Register definitively

We will contact you within a week after the placement round. If you want to use the place for your child, the definitive registration will follow.


Draw ... What now?

If your child has been drawn at Waldorf aan de Werf, you can immediately register him / her for another school in the Amsterdam central admission system. All information can be found in the Schoolwijzer Amsterdam. You are then assured of a place for your child.



If you have any questions about the application or placement, you can contact the

student administration: