Why is this school being founded?

The demand for Waldorf education is growing. For a lot of children, Waldorf education is not an option due to a lack of spaces in other Waldorf schools as these school have less spaces available than the amount of children wanting to attend. Seeing as Amsterdam North is a large borough and Waldorf school Kairos cannot meet the demand (between 40 and 60% of prospective students is rejected on
basis of lottery) we see possibilities for a new Waldorf school on the west side of Amsterdam North.

language of teaching

The schools regular language will be in Dutch.  Besides that we offer the children at a young age different other languages.

Are there enough teachers?

​This is a valid concern and a subject which we have discussed with the Geert Groote school (the umbrella Waldorf school in Amsterdam). There are a number of new ways for regular teachers to convert to Waldorf teachers. A lot of regular teachers are interested in this. We also expect this new school to attract ‘pioneers’: parents and teachers that want to be part of this initiative in energetic Amsterdam North. All in all the Geert Groote school does not see this as an obstacle.


A good school?

The school will start slowly, with a few classes. Based on the success of Waldorf school Kairos, we expect to be able to grow rapidly. The school will be new, but the method of teaching is not. Waldorf education has shown its merits over a long period of time.

Results of other Waldorf schools (Kairos and Geert Groote School) are positive. See this link for the results. Kairos has even been invited to strive for the ‘Excellent’ mark in the next year.

When will the school be starting?

We do not know yet. Among other things we are awaiting new laws, but we strive to open the school within a year.

Where will the school be located?

We do not know this either, but we are concentrating on the west side of Amsterdam North, also due to the development plans of Amsterdam pertaining to the future ‘Stad-Haven’ borough and its connection to the NDSM area.

What will the school look like?

This is also not known yet, but as can be read from our vision we want to be a neighborhood school that values the green environs and creative energy available in Amsterdam North. Besides that we want to be an intercultural school, so in the sphere and images in the building there will be attention to our intercultural stories.