Waldorf aan de Werf will start in August 2020 in a building at the Wespennest on Werengouw 83. It is a beautiful building and perfect for our first 3 classes, but of course not in the place we wanted. The final location of Waldorf aan de Werf will be in a new building on Klaprozenweg. The plans for this neighborhood look great, so we are proud to be part of it with our school!


We basically have this building at the Werengouw 83 for 1 school year. We expect the school to be located next  year at a location that is more on the west side of North and where we can stay until the new building on Klaprozenweg is finished. The municipality is very committed to this. For some parents, this location may be a bummer. But good to know: a new school almost always has to do with starting in a temporary buildings which was no different at Vrijeschool Kairos, for example. We are convinced that Waldorf aan de Werf will be a fantastic school and a unique intercultural free school in the Netherlands!


Transportation from (north)West to (north)East

From the parent initiative group we are busy arranging transport to the location at the Wespennest from the west side of North with various boarding points. We offer this 5 days a week. Of course super fun for the kids! We provide good and fun drivers and matching music. We will identify who is interested in this and then make a schedule.

 Do you need transport from Northwest to the location? Check out this form. For further questions ask Thijs Tauw:  vervoer@wadw.school