Waldorf aan de Werf will be a school for everyone, someplace warm where children will feel safe. An inclusive school is a school with great regard for others.

A large amount of the Amsterdam citizens has a double cultural background. Our school wants to embrace all of these religions and cultures because everyone has their own, individual story. We regard this as an enrichment of our curriculum. The attention will not solely be focused upon Norse and Greek mythology, but also the Islamic stories and the similarities between the Old Testament and the Koran. Not only will the Western stories be told, but we will explore the Eastern and African stories and traditions as well. We are exploring whether we can offer Arabic (MSA) in the first grade, in addition to the courses in basic English and French. 

The well-known festivals, as celebrated in all Waldorf schools, will be supplemented with Islamic and Jewish celebrations. We believe Ramadan (Leila-ul-Qadar), Eid-ul-Adha, Divali and for example the Jewish Sukkoth are so important we need to incorporate them into our curriculum.

Environs and environment

Our ambition is to found a contemporary Waldorf school. A school that listens to the history of the neighborhood and accounts for the wishes of its old inhabitants, but also takes account of the ideals of new inhabitants and initiatives. We want to incorporate the enthralling history of the dockside area in the vision of the school. The pioneer spirit which connects the area and its people. A school that wants to stay small and in which everyone is involved: teachers, parents, employees and local citizens know one another and get involved. Parent participation is important because ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. 

A school this close to the Twiske nature reserve ensures a connection with nature gains a central place. A school that connects to green initiative in the neighborhood, such as Noordoogst and Puur Natuurtuin. Nature and natural elements always have an important place within Waldorf schools, but most Waldorf schools are situated in urban areas. Through its location, our school will be different. 

The school will range far in its activities. Waldorf education is signified by playing outside, whether rain or shine. Movement improves health and will remain an important part of our education.

(a more comprehensive version of our educational plan will be available here later)